Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Visiting the Home of Liz Earle

If you follow me on Twitter or read my last post, you'll know that I recently stepped down from being a pub manager and moved back into Boots as a Liz Earle advisor! It has been a really horrible few months and I decided that I wanted to put myself first, take a step back and take on a part time job I know I'll love - which also allows me time to make up lost time with friends and family as well as allowing me extra time to work on my blog or anything else I take on! 

I started a few weeks ago but last week I was lucky enough, and frankly very honoured and excited to be able to go to the home of Liz Earle; the Isle of Wight. And I have been messaged a fair few times asking me what it was like and asked me for more information about whether it really is all true about their naturalness - so a blog post was the answer! 

I genuinely however do no know where to start. The week training was really great - along with 9 other lovely ladies in the same boat, we worked through product knowledge, services such as facials, hand and arm massages and the head massage! I won't pretend that no one nearly nodded off, it's certain to say that I'm sure my friends and family will call when they need some pampering! We went through each of the ranges within the Liz Earle brand, going through each product and their ingredients. I won't bore you about the products but it's safe to say I was bloody impressed - there really is something for everyone! 

One of my favourite parts of the week was visiting the first Liz Earle store which is on the Island itself - we had a wonderful tour of the original offices that Liz and Kim (who co-founded the brand) worked along with my favourite area - a map of the world showing exactly where each ingredient is from! This fascinated me to no end and I absolutely loved looking over the map. From the Avocados in Mexico to the cotton for the 100% cotton cloths in India, Liz Earle really is dotted all over the world. It was great to learn and hear of the families who make the cotton cloths in India and their amazing ethics - the family who run the team ensure that all accommodation and travel is paid for in India for those who work for them - this fact has stuck with me as it really shows the other side of companies who have teams working overseas and it's made me even more proud to work for the company. 

Each and every ingredient is natural, grown and harvested especially for Liz Earle, whether this is around the world or at "The Green House" (aka Head Office) on the Island. We were lucky enough to meet Geoff, who manages the Environmental Team - including the beautiful gardens, and have a tour of what they grow on site and how their environmental methods work in the offices. We got to see what happens to all food waste in the building as Geoff turns it into compost which is used when growing new plants - and speaking of plants! I felt so lucky to be able to walk around the gardens and see everything growing, from the Orange flowers in the body wash to the rosemary from the Cleanse and Polish and candles!

We did of course also have some down time too to explore the Isle of Wight and walk the lovely streets of the small town we were staying in, spending our evenings walking on the beach or watching the sunset with a glass of wine! It was so lovely to be with others in the same position as you to help build your confidence when working together. 

We spent an amazing week at the Green House and learned so much about the brand we now work for proudly, and to prove the pride that the full brand have, you only have to walk into the HQ office reception area to see the number of awards already won, lined up side by side! 

I was going to also add a bit about my favourite products in this post but I feel it could go on for some time so I'll do a favourites post in a few weeks when I've had time to try them out properly - did you know that it takes 28 days for your skin to turnover it's cells? For dead skin cells to produce new skin cells? I had no idea either - so I want to give it a 4 fair weeks to try what I know will be my new favourite products, so I can ensure that my skin gets used to it! 

In the mean time, if you're in Leicester, be sure to pop into Fosse Park to say hello and have a facial! 


Wedding Update - Realising you don't have to spend £20k!

A post I've been ignoring the thought of for a while now but so many people have asked when I've been for coffee or had a catch up with them that I thought I'd do a mini post about our wedding plans in their current state. It's been over a year since I did a wedding update and really, it couldn't be more different from a year ago!

We had booked our Wedding for September of this year at a venue we absolutely loved in Belper but last year when we moved pubs in September, we had to make the decision to rent a house rather than live above a pub - a choice which really, we didn't get a choice in. The area we moved to in Somerset was very, very expensive and way beyond our budget of  what we'd generally want to pay however we really wanted to take on the new pub so we decided to put the wedding back a year and use the wedding fund to help out with the rent for a few months - this pretty much drained the whole fund. After around 6 months, just as our rent renewal came up, we got offered another pub in Leicester as they knew we weren't happy as we were having to work up to 100 hours a week each. We jumped at the chance for a new pub as well as being able to move into a flat above a pub again. We're so lucky that with the flat we don't pay rent or bills, just the stuff we want, eg Sky TV!

After 6 months of what was in my eyes, essentially wasted time and money, we're now left with no venue, loss of money used for paying deposits for room decoration from our favourite team.. So it starts again.

We haven't looked at any venues but we do have 1 in mind. One that has shocked my friends and family as I've gone from wanting a venue where we'd be spending probably around £20,000 for the whole day to one where we could probably spend less than half, with a fair chunk left for a great honeymoon. I realised I was wanting way too much from my wedding just for 1 day and 1, lets be honest, big fuck off party! I would rather spend £5-6000 on a still-lovely venue which includes EVERYTHING rather than a venue where we had to pay extra for the wedding itself, pay extra for the DJ - plus extra for the dancefloor alone. I've said though I'm not even going to see it until I know financially we can afford to put down a deposit at least! I don't want to get excited and get caught up in planning when we don't even have a venue. If however I don't like the venue, it'll give us a bit more time to save while we hunt.

(tb to one of our last weekends away which was about 9 months ago!) 

At the end of the day - its one day in our life, yes it's important, but it's about who you celebrate with, not how you celebrate it. Plus yano - I've already found my dream honeymoon so I could do with saving a few bob ;)

So that's the wedding situ - if anyone does have any recommendations for wedding venues from around Nottingham or Leicester, let me know as I need a few back ups!

Recent Favourites

Aaahh it feels good to be writing again! 

I always forget to do a monthly favourites and be time I realise its nearly the next month but I've got a few bits and bobs I've been really loving over the last few weeks so I thought I'd pull together a general favourites post! 

There's a bit of a mix bag but it's bits I've been putting on Instagram and getting questions about or things I've been recommended so thought I'd pass on the baton. 

Make Up wise - you can probably see straight away that all but one of my favourite products lately are from Make Up Revolution/Revolution Pro - we all know this is possibly my favourite Make Up brand in general! But they've really upped their game over the last couple of months; producing their new Revolution Pro Foundation (oh holy mother of all good and alcoholic - incredible coverage and great for oily skin!) and new Liquid Highlighter. I've also previously used their "banana powder" but I found the yellow tone was too dark for my light skin unless I had fake tan on so I was so chuffed to see they do a new "Bake & Finish" powder which is white which looks great with my tone. Really does set the make up flawlessly; particularly around the eye area. Last but not least - a gorgeous lipstick that I saw on their Instagram page in the shade "chauffer" - a prfect nude with a creamy matte finish. Perfect for Spring! 

The only make up item to make it into my favourites which isn't MUR (one of the only other make up items I've generally brought tbh though) is the Liz Earle Bronzer! If you didn't know, I've just joined the Liz Earle family and have fallen in love with the brand and their products so a whole post will be up about what I'm loving. But to start with, is this gorgeous bronzer with a light shimmer which is great for all over the face as a contour, or even as a nice bronzed eye shadow selection.

Another couple of beauty favourites lately have been the Revlon Be Fabulous hair treatment for thick hair - ah-may-zing. I've been using this on an off for over 6 months but since I've dyed my hair back darker I've really tried to get it back into a good condition and this is incredible! I'm not sure you can get this in shops but worth having a look online or in your local salon. LAst but not least is the Real Techniques Gel Brush Cleanser - I've used a shit load of make up brush cleaners over the years but this is certainly one of my favourites! Definitely worth a few extra pennies as a little goes a long way. 

It's that time of year (FINALLY) where the sun is out and therefore so is the Summer Wardrobe. I've treated myself to a few bits and pieces ready for the Summer as a lot of last years clothing doesn't fit (*cries*) but they are pieces that I've already fallen in love with and have repeatedly warn!

I've always struggled with rings as I've got such fat fingers but they had a few gorgeous bits in the jewellery area in Boots which were in the sale. I brought a gold set of 3 (2 are pictured below, the third was a plain gold band which is currently in my car!) and a single silver ring with a gorgeous lavender stone. All of them fit so nicely and look great both casually and dressed up. All 4 for less than £5 altogether too.

All 3 of my favourite clothing pieces were absolute bargains too - I picked up these gorgeous printed trousers from Primark for £10 along with the Floral blazer for £10 (normally £20 but had a small rip on the inside lining which you can't even see!). Both are so comfy and smart enough for work or cocktails with the girls but look great with just a plain T and pumps - the same goes for this stripy, floral jumpsuit from Asda! It's oversized and really light weight so I'm so excited to take to Marbs with me in just a few weeks time. I've worn it to cocktails with the girls with a black blazer and heels but I've also worn it with converse for date day! 

I've not only just been loving items over the last few weeks, but I've been to a few cool new places too! Item-wise though I have been LOVING the book "The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck" which has certainly helped over the recent weeks as I've tried to slow down and put myself first. Part of that task also was to build our flat into a home properly - my favourite area in the flat is the little bar area I've built with a antique table from a charity stop and some drink-related quotes around it. Finished off with a candle. fresh flowers and of course - plenty of gin!

I can't go into Leicester now without heading to 200 Degrees for one of their Mocha Milkshakes - I've legit had at least 5 in the last month. Don't even like coffee but these bad boys are life! This month I've been to a few new places across the country including the epic Boneyard in Leicester (full blog post coming soon), with a stop of from the Isle of Wight at Slug and Lettuce in Portsmouth Harbour to have a catch up over (a fucking huge and epic) cocktail with my girly, Ashleigh! If you're ever down south, it was a gorgeous little area with stunning views over the Harbour - plus helloooooo world's biggest PornStar Martini (and a whole bottle of bubbly to go with!). My final new place I've been to recently - again, cocktail related, was Revolution De Cuba in Nottingham where we had a great cocktail masterclass for my best friend; Laura;'s hen do this weekend! The host was great, and we ended up with about 4 drinks each - 2 we'd made ourselves. Normally at masterclasses you don't get a choice of what to make or you get  very limited choice if you do, but with RDC, you got to pick any drink off the menu which made it that little more special! 

So this has been a super long rambly post but I've just been loving life lately and finally had the time to get back into the swing of going out and having fun and seeing friends as well as picking up some new treats! If there's anything else I need to be trying, be sure to Tweet me! xox

Sunday, 15 April 2018

LUSH: Sleepy Lotion

The Sleepy Lotion by Lush has been all over social media for a few months now and it's been a part of my bedside table since before Christmas now. I am one of those people who will go out and buy something if there is a lot of hype around it but only if it's something that I genuinely think will benefit me.

I have always suffered with insomnia and crappy sleeping. I've tried herbal tablets, medication prescribed by a doctor, anti-anxiety meds, baths which is half relaxation bubble bath and half water... bath salts, bath bombs all specifically to make you sleep... you name it. I've tried it. I've never slept well since I was a teenager. When I was at home I'd end up staying up watching TV until silly o clock, or reading whole books in a night. Now, years later, I end up in the spare room or on the sofa trying to get to sleep after tossing and turning trying to get back to sleep and not wanting to wake Nick up. I don't know why I'm like this - it's worse when I'm stressed but sometimes even when I'm exhausted I can't get to sleep, or back to sleep if I wake up. So yes... I'll try anything.

I used it a lot before Christmas and towards the start of the year but it's only the last month or so where I've used it religiously and really been able to see a difference. I've been telling a few people about it so I thought I'd keep a track of my sleeping patterns over a 7 day period and see if I could say it genuinely works or if it was just in my head. It's safe to say that I don't think it's just in my head.

Night 1:
No Lotion
Got into bed: 11pm
Fell asleep: Roughly 2am
First wake up: 2.56am for approximately 40 minutes (or 2 episodes of the IT Crowd)
Second Wake Up: 4:50am until 6:10am
Third Wake up: 8.15am - ended up getting up and getting ready!
Total Sleep: 4 hours and 15 minutes (approximately)

Night 2:
No lotion
Got into Bed: 9.40pm
Fell asleep: Roughly 12am
First wake up: 12.50am for around half hour
Second wake up: 2.15am until around 4.45am (had a bit of Pinterest time looking for flat lays!)
Third wake up: 5.53am for around 20 minutes (or less than an episode of How I Met Your Mother)
Final wake up: 7.50am when Nick went to work.
Total Sleep: 4 hours approximately

So even after 2 nights of 4 hours sleep and not taking a nap in the day, this pretty much carried on through night 3 too!

Night 4:
Got into bed: 10.45pm
Fell asleep: within an hour - had Big Bang on TV and fell asleep before the second episode!
Woke up: 3.20am for around 40 minutes.
Woke up 6.50 am until about 8am,
Final wake up: 10.36! YES - 10.36!
Total sleep: 8+ hours sleep approximately!

I still woke up in the night but falling asleep for the first time was so much quicker. It was certainly a mix of having maybe 8-9 hours sleep in 3 days and also using the Lotion - I'd only used a bit on my neck and chest as I had fake tan on my arms so Night 5 was going to be testing with a full half body having been lotioned!

Night 5:
Got into Bed: 11.30pm
Fell asleep: approximately 12.45 after an episode of 8 out of 10 Cats in bed!
First wake up: 4.50am! (4 HOURS SLEEP!) - Until around 5.20 (less than an episode of Big Bang)
Second wake up: 7.20am until just after 8am.
Final wake up: 9.40am.
Total Sleep: 7 hours 50 minutes approximately.

Night 6:
Got into bed: 10.20pm
Fell asleep: Within an hour.
First wake up: 2.40am for around 10 minutes.
Second wake up: 4am for around half an hour.
Third wake up: 6.55am until about 7.30am.
Final wake up: 10.15am.
Total Sleep: 9 hours approximately.
PLUS - managed to not lose patience and stayed in my own bed all night!

I got a bit cocky on night 7 and thought that it might just be in my head and I might have magically sorted out my sleeping pattern so didn't bother with the lotion as I wanted to fake tan. But safe to say, I went back to the start and was waking up what felt like every 10 minutes and ended up with about 3 hours sleep.

I have a horrible sleeping pattern and sometimes I know I don't help myself however since being with Nick (who can't fall asleep without the TV on in the background), I always watch TV in bed right up until I fall asleep - or end up falling asleep with the TV on and I can't remember a time when this wasn't the case. I end up getting in the other room and putting Netflix on my phone quietly in the back ground and laying my phone next to my pillow just for the sound. Especially since moving to the new pub I've lay there feeling quite anxious at all the new noises in the pub and being next to a main road certainly doesn't help. But I can safely say that even if I didn't sleep through the night, the Lush Sleepy Body lotion DOES make an incredible difference and I fell asleep SO much quicker and easier without tossing and turning of having my brain go 100mph over various issues that were not worth worrying over.

With it's lavender and oatmeal extracts, it really does smell amazing and really does comfort you when you slip into bed.  Not only does it help sleep and makes you smell luscious, my skin has also felt so much smoother and nourished too since using. It's not cheap and the product gets used quite quickly but it's definitely worth it and I'll certainly be repurchasing and getting a bigger tub - sizes vary from £8-14! And don't forget if you're a Lush addict, you can take 5 empty pots back for a free Face Mask! ;)

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Leicester Date Night: Ft Head Of Steam Launch

We're moving into week 4 of living in Leicestere (well... 20 minutes out of the town centre) so it was about time we headed into town to check out what Leicester has to offer. This also coincided with the opening night of Head Of Steam; a bar Nick was desperate to try as it had a large variety of beers and ales.

We made a bit of a date night of Leicester this week while we both had a day off and got an Uber into town mid-afternoon. It was lovely walking around the Lanes with the retro shops and smaller cafes and it was nice just exploring and finding what I'm sure will be our favourite places in the future. Our first stop was a little bar we found by the off chance as I needed the loo and it advertised Coffees so Nick decided to try it. Rutland and Derby has a lovely little sun terrace which was sat on in the beaming sun (with a pint - not coffee!) and it was a great atmosphere. The weather was warm and it had a great sized outdoor area. We only stopped for a drink but the food menu looked lovely so this will certainly be one we come back and try.

BrewDog was top of Nick's list as it is in every single city we visit - remember that time we celebrated getting engaged by going to Brewdog 5 minutes later?! *Rolls eyes* It's always a favourite of Nick's and has been for years so as we had a voucher, we decided that this would be the perfect time. Even myself, over the last year or so specifically have learned to love BrewDog now they have their own Gin and Vodka so we had a couple of drinks each an one of their gorgeous hand made Pizzas (then a second when we realised it was BOGOF) - all while playing Mario Kart on a Nintendo 64! BrewDog is always a great atmosphere with knowledgeable staff who can recommend the best beers and spirits for you and Leicester BrewDog is certainly no exception! 3

We then headed over to Head Of Steam to check out the new bar and restaurant in Leicester City Centre which had caught my eye on Facebook some time ago when we first moved. We'd been keeping an eye on their social media pages for the latest information about it's opening and luckily we both had Thursday night off so we made the most of if and turned it into a whole date night. We arrived less than an hour after it opened it's doors and it was so unbelievably busy! We managed to grab a booth as another couple were leaving and we made ourselves comfy for a couple of hours while we tried a couple of beers (The Timmermans Strawberry beer was the winner for me!) and even a cocktail or 2 (the Pink Elephant being Nick's drink of the night). There was plenty of staff so there was no waiting around at the bar which is something that I hope remains.

We didn't eat as we'd just eaten but the menu is great with such a large variety and the food we did see go out, including burgers, hand made pies, hot dogs - all looked and smelt incredible so it's definitely somewhere we'll be coming to eat soon.

The atmosphere and music is homely but you can feel a great buzz in the air and there was so much excitement with it being opening night too- it was just such a great feel of the place and it's somewhere that will certainly be one of the top places in Leicester to visit that's for sure. The d├ęcor itself too is great and there's smaller details such as the light fittings made of bottles, the prints on the wall, the steam train photos that all make it quite unique. Even though the bar industry is so big with so much competition, they seemed to have nailed their own look and feel.

My only drawback is that the prices are quite high - with it being proper Belgian beer it is bound ot be high but with a pint of Strawberry beer being £5.70(!), I could've had a Rekordelig or a Gin a little cheaper. Even still, the new Head Of Steam is certainly one of my favourite places in Leicester already and it's somewhere I shall definitely be visiting (I sat that as I'm sat in the same booth 2 days later as it has great booths with plug sockets which for me and many others, is such a massive reason to visit!)

We finished off our date night with BOGOF cocktails in Revolutions which I love as I have a Revs card which gets you discounts on food and drinks. I love the Revolution menu as it has such a variety of cocktails and with some being 241, it's great for when we're saving the pennies. We had a cocktail each (PornStar Martini eeeeevery time!) and shared a main of shredded Steak Fries with Cheese and Peppercorn sauce (so random but bloody good) which was a great way to end the evening.

If you're from Leicester and can recommend your favourite places to go, please please get in contact and let me know where we should visit next!

Twitter and Instagram: MsSarahJack xox 

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Micro Blading: My Experience

So this is one of my most exciting posts in a long while and one I've been waiting for write up for weeks.. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you'll know that about 2 weeks ago I finally had the balls to go and get my eyebrows Micro-bladed after one of my favourite salons, Identity in Clevedon, held an offer on their Facebook page. When I messaged the team and asked about it and mentioned that I am a wimp (anyone knows me will know what level I am a wimp to) and Beth replied saying that they actually use numbing cream. THAT WAS IT. I'M IN.

Around a week and a half before I went in for my consultation with the lovely Courtney who went through every detail with me. I thought it would be a couple of minutes to do a basic patch test but I was surprised at how thorough it was and how much we went through to make me feel so much more at ease. We went through the shapes and stencils that I could choose from so I knew how I wanted my brows shaping as well as testing a number of different colours to see which suited my skin tone and my also ever changing hair colour. We decided on both of these and took photos so we knew how we were going to start on the big day. The patch test was the first sign for Courtney of how much of a wimp I am when I realised that they use a tool to actually scratch the skin - I had a bit of a freak out but with numbing cream on, I felt like a tool after sitting there going "oh, is that it?".

So I then spent 2 weeks buzzing like a bee with excitement, talking about it to everyone as though it was my birthday and Christmas but then finally.. the day I was waiting for came! So the first Issue was me having had my hair coloured a TOTALLY different colour just the day before (again, with Identity!) and I knew from Courtney's face while the colour was going on that there was going to be an issue the next morning.

Courtney spent a good half hour or so measuring the brows, plucking areas to make them as even as possible, deciding a new colour then putting a base colour to know on the skin to where to work with and that was it... we had lift off!

I made a small video on the day and of various days after just to keep a record of how the brows looked throughout the healing process so I'll pop that just below..

The micro blading experience itself was pleasantly easy and so much different from what I expected. I was honestly a little petrified inside deep down that I'd want to lay and cry in pain and regret my whole choice after 10 minutes but when we actually started, I had so much numbing cream on that I hadn't even realised the needle had even touched the skin. I can honestly say that I didn't once feel the needle. Towards the start it was so relaxed and chilled out, actually felt I could nod off while listening to my iPod to block off some of the sound of the machine (which again, no where near as loud as I expected - just like a vibrating sound) and even for the first hour or so it was fine as we swapped between eye brows to give the skin some relief - plus to top up the numbing cream. The only pain, and even then it wasn't necessarily a sharp pain, pain, more of a "pressing on a bruise" pain, which was around 30-40 minutes before the end as the skin was starting to bruise and even started to reject the ink towards the end which meant we kept going over Skin that had already been bladed. After a while we settled on round 2 at the touch up appointment to save the skin having to go through anymore.

Over the first couple of days I felt that every time I looked in a mirror the colour had changed but after around 24-48 hours after, I was beyond in love with the colour after it had settled and I'd got to a point where I was able to put on a Face of Make Up. On the Sunday (I had it done on the Wednesday) the scab was slightly starting to peel back from the centre of my brows towards the top of my nose so I knew that this was the start. It's taken until today... a whole 7 days later (writing this on a Sunday) for the last bits of the scab to come off so I can finally see the finished result.

Now I can see the finished result, I can see why a touch up is needed after 4 weeks. One brow is darker than the other due to the skin rejecting the ink towards the end but overall, I can see the shape that the brows now are and can see a base colour on the skin itself as a block. I definitely got over excited and thought that I may get away with not having a touch up as they seemed so dark to start with which is what I wanted but I now understand what people say when they said that I'll need to go back for a second go.

I've done a bit of a Q&A below with questions that I've been asked on Facebook/Twitter and that I've been asked in general with lots of other information but in general, even though this is only stage 1, I still think it's one of the best choices I've ever made. It was so much easier than I expected, I didn't hurt and it was so much better than a "tattoo experience". I'd highly recommend checking out a few places first and meeting up with the consultant before hand before even agreeing or booking and paying a deposit etc. See the environment where it'll happen too - I've seen reviews where they said they felt like they were in a Drs surgery but I was so lucky to be able to visit somewhere where the whole team are so friendly and supportive, the room I was in was homely and cosy on a comfy salon bed where I could chill out. I will of course do a second blog post after my touch up appointment in a few weeks to show you the absolute final results.

(round 1 before and after)


Does it hurt?

The needle itself doesn't hurt at all with numbing cream on - it's just sore towards the end.

Do you need to go back and have it done twice?
You are advised to go for a touch up to go over any spots that may have not taken the ink as well as other areas of the skin. I'm excited for mine to go a little darker and for the final results.

How long did it take?
In total I was in the "chair" around 3 hours. But had breaks to go to the loo or get a drink or just to walk around and give the skin a bit of a break.

Does the numbing cream where off?
Nope - in fact it was still going strong hours later.

What needle do they use?
Each salon can vary so ask the consultant directly. Courtney used a device on myself with 3 needles on.

Are there different types of Micro blading?
You can get your brows done in strokes or a block. I had mine blocked out but we think on the touch up we're going to do strokes and go darker to see how much darker I can get them.

PS - MASSIVE shout out to Liz, Beth and Courtney over at Identity for being my personal beauty team over the last 6 months when I was in Clevedon. I've loved having my hair done and changed a number of times and to help me have the courage to go and do something I've wanted to do for a while but never been brave enough. I'll definitely be back for my hair every few weeks even though I've now moved.. thank you for making my Clevedon experience so fabulous! xox

Check out Identity's Facebook here:

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Lush Spa: The Validation Facial Experience

A bit of a different one for this blog but I had such a fantastic day with the team at Lush in Bath within the Spa that I couldn't not write about it..

Last week I took my gorgeous best friend, Laura, on a surprise mini-hen do before she gets married later in the year as I wanted to do something just the 2 of us to say thank you for just being so generally fantastic in my life so we had a girly weekend in Bath. This only came about though as my friend kindly gave me a Lush Voucher for the spa. I contacted Lush in Bath (one of only a handful of Lush Spas in the country) and advised that I had a voucher and we came up with a plan for the 2 of us to have treatments at our visit.

We booked into have the Validation Facial which is one that I knew I wanted from the get go when I started reading about the different treatments online. It was a 60 minute treatment however we also received a 30 minute consultation to discuss what products we could choose from for the treatment so it would be 100% personalised to our own skin which is just fantastic. Everyone's skin is different and even looking at Laura and I's selection, they were so varied.

We went into the store itself and picked a variety of products to be used within the treatment including a cleanser, a face mask, a hand cream, moisturiser, lip scrub plus a lovely primer-style moisturiser to finish on. The Team in the Spa talked us through each step and found which of each product would work best for what we wanted for our skin and their calm and relaxed aura really made us feel special.

Once we'd picked our products, we went and relaxed downstairs in the spa itself which was set out like a beautiful winter cabin complete with front room area, kitchen and a stunning bathroom with shower which was free to use. You were also able to use a number of products that were available to hand too which was just a wonderful touch. The treatment rooms too were just incredible - with a soothing CD on with the sounds of the sea and calming words, this set a fantastic atmosphere along with the dimmed lights, candles and gorgeous Lush aromas to help you relax on a bed with heated blankets ready and waiting for you.

The Validation Facial itself was just beyond words.. I've never been a "spa person" and I've never really been into massages so this for me was a bit different but I've never experienced anything like this. For an hour solid, both me and Laura agreed that we literally didn't think of anything. The treatment had so many stages to it and went beyond just the face - with arms and hand massages, neck and shoulder massages.. it was just incredible with the personalised products.

The experience as a whole was just phenomenal and made up of so many fantastic little touches including the music, the personalised products, the refreshing drinks and the team themselves. I would highly recommend visiting a Lush Spa to anyone who is a Lush or a Spa fan and I already can't wait to go again!

You can read more about the treatment and the official information as well as where you can get the Treatment HERE: